With the start of 2013 we felt it was a good time to begin a monthly parent newsletter which has been posted to the parent section of the website.

Hard copies will be available for pick up at school tomorrow morning!

Alisha Renshaw

We hope everyone had a great Christmas break!  There have been some busy parents and friends working over the holiday to do some much needed clean up and repair.  Please be sure to check out the new paint, cabinets, pack n plays and arrangement in the Little Angels room, fresh coat of paint on the front doors, and the fantastic new playground bridge! Many closets were cleaned out and organized and we will continue to work on these projects on weekends so stay tuned for our next parent work weekend!

Many thanks to all who came out and worked tirelessly (and repeatedly)!!!

The Avalon Academy Board

16′ Ladder Needed

Avalon parents and friends –

We are looking to borrow a 16′ ladder to change out the burned out bulbs on the ground floor.  Before we go rent or buy one, we wanted to check and see if anyone had one we could use.  If so, please email me at avalonacademyboard@live.com.

Thanks in advance!

Alisha Renshaw

A reminder if you are available there will be an outside work day at Avalon Saturday December 29th beginning at 8:00 am. Also, some of us will be there Sunday around 10:00 am to do some more cleaning and organizing inside.

Please join us if you can!

Alisha Renshaw

A reminder Soccer Shots will begin at Avalon on Thursday Janury 10, 2013. Below is a flyer with the details. You can visit http://houston.soccershots.org to register!

Soccer Shots at Avalon Academy

New information has been added to the parent files section of the website. Please reply to this post with any questions.

Avalon Academy Board

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